Real Estate Agency RENESANS is the largest real estate agency in Macedonia with an excellent and highly professional team.
RENESANS offer complete service in selling, renting, purchasing commercial and residential properties, leading investments, consulting, valuations, reports and inquiries of the market in Macedonia and in the region.
The General Manager of the Company is Ms. Rozeana Novoselska real estate Broker/Agent the Independent Consultant and Consultant of the Gerson Leherman Group one of the most prominent international  consulting Company.
The Real Estate Agency RENESANS is, established 1997.
During the existence and work of RENESANS we succeeded to become the leading Real Estate Agency in Macedonia. Almost all Diplomatic Representatives, foreign and domestic successful companies which work in Macedonia are the clients of RENESANS.
The references of RENESANS is international award for quality for 2003 year handed-over in Madrid in January 2004year and satisfaction of our clients.
Small part of the respective client list of RENESANS is: 
British Embassy, all US government and non-government existing organizations, Embassy of Austria, Embassy of Hellenic Republic, Embassy of Netherlands, Embassy of Hungary, Embassy of Switzerland, Delegation of the European Commission, UN Organization, NATO, Hellenic Petroleum, MATAV Telecommunication Company, WESTEL and many, many other important organizations and companies established in Macedonia and in the region of Balkan.

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